Organization Information

Our Vision 

A community of healthy and well-nurtured children 

Our Mission

To provide children in need with nutritious food, comfort items or certain basic necessities through the use of backpacks and other efficient means of distribution.  

Our Values

  • Integrity: We are committed to acting with the highest level of integrity throughout all areas of our organizational operations. We operate with honesty, accountability and transparency in all our endeavors.
  • Well-Being: We believe that every child in our community deserves the opportunity to be healthy. We believe that access to good nutrition and essential basic necessities are instrumental to ensuring a child’s healthy development and well-being. 
  • Dignity: We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. We believe in the worth of every child and that each child we serve deserves to be treated with dignity and compassion, ensuring they have every opportunity to succeed in school and life.
  • Education: We believe that education is paramount to success in life. We strive to alleviate the barriers of poor nutrition and lack of basic essential necessities among the children we serve so that they are ready to learn and gain the education needed to be prepared in life. 
  • Awareness: We believe that raising awareness of the needs of children impacted by hunger and trauma in our community will generate responsiveness and positive action. We strive to raise awareness of these issues in our community by sharing the needs of the children we serve. 
  • Accountability: We adhere to all our legal, fiscal and contractual requirements. We operate on the generosity of our donors and strive to maintain proper stewardship of all our resources through maintaining an efficient, effective, accountable and legally compliant organization. 
  • Service: We value acts of service and volunteerism to meet the needs in of children in our community. We operate a 100% volunteer run organization made possible through the generosity of our volunteers’ time, commitment and dedication.